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         It is a medium sized well crafted astrolabe with a diameter of 223 mm and a thickness of 12 mm. It is surmounted by high ornate perforated Kursi. There are four plates stacked inside the main body. These plates serve the latitude 250-270 ; 290-320 ; 320-340 ; the fourth plate has on one side a double projection for 290-320 (i.e., for the two imperial capitals Delhi and Lahore). On the reverse are engraved the ecliptic coordinates. On the inner surface of the body, there is a geographical gazetteer containing the names, longitudes and latitudes of 130 towns.  The ĎAnkabut has 46 stars marked on it. These star pointers are joined by highly artistic tracery, which looks like a flower bouquet, containing vines, leaves and flowers.

      This is a typical example of Ziya al-Dinís production where, under pleasing artistic patterns, there lie complex geometrical projections and vast amount of astronomical, astrological and geographical information.




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