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             This is a small and neatly produced astrolabe with a diameter of 145 mm and thickness of 4 mm. The kursi is plain. It has a horizontal slit, the purpose of which is not known. It is suspended by a rather large ring to a wooden stand. This wooden stand may not be original. There are only two plates serving the latitude 270 (Agra), 290 (Delhi) and 320 (Lahore). The fourth side has multiple horizons. There is no geographical gazetteer. The ‘Ankabut is simple but elegant with just 23 leaf-shaped star pointers.

        This ‘Ankabut closely resembles that of an astrolabe made by Muhammad Salih of Thatta in 1704/1663, which is now at the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai. Therefore, the present one also can be attributed to Muhammad Salih, who was a noted instrument-maker of the 17th century. He did not belong to the Lahore family as can be seen in the style of production.




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