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           It is a medium sized neatly produced astrolabe made of brass with a diameter of 190.5 mm and a thickness of 7 mm. The body, the kursi and the limb are cast as one piece. It is solid and plain. It contains six tympans. The diameter of the rete and tympans is 165.5 mm. All the six tympans contain, on both sides, stereographic projection to specific terrestrial latitudes. On the inner side of the mater there is a further projection. Thus, these tympans serve altogether 13 different latitudes.

            On the back, on the topmost part of the kursi, there is an inscription stating that the astrolabe was made by Mahmud bin Shaukat al-Baghdadi in the year 706 AH / 1306 AD, for the repository of al-Sultan al-Adil. The identity of this ruler is not definitely established.




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