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The following books were published by the Library during January, 2013 - October, 2013.


Arze Bihar Aur Musalman (URDU)

by A. Raquib Haqqani

(March, 2013)

Pages:360, Price: ` 350/-

This book is a research work based on biographies of eminent Muslims of Bihar.



Kalim Ajiz Ki Nasar Nigari (URDU)

by Dr. Abul Hayat

(March, 2013)

Pages:172, Price:`200/-

This book offers a critical evaluation of the  prose writings of Dr. Kaleem Ahmad Ajiz.



Prarambhik Saroton mein Pataliputra (HINDI)

by Dr. Ashok Kumar

(March, 2013)

Pages:112, Price:`150/-

This Hindi book is a documentation of early sources of the history of Pataliputra.



Tazkira / Ganjinai Bazyafta Nau Daryaft (PERSIAN)

by Prof. Asif Naim Siddiqui

(April, 2013)

Pages:238, Price:`200/-

This book is a collection of select verses of 29 eminent Persian poets of Mughal period.



Maqalate Tib Vol.II (URDU)

by Dr. Raziul Islam Nadvi

(April, 2013)

Pages:156, Price:`140/-

This book is a collection of research articles on Yunani medicine.




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