About the Board


The Governing Body ...

Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library is governed by a BOARD comprising of following members ..

  1. His Excellency, The Governor of Bihar

  2. Accountant General (A&E), Bihar

  3. Joint Secretary to the Govt. of India
    Ministry of  Culture
    Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001.
    Nominee of Govt. of India

  4. Finance Advisor, Ministry of Culture,
    Government of India, New Delhi
    Nominee of Govt. of India

  5. Sri. Anil Vibhakar
    402, Annpoorna Apartment,
    Near Baldev Bhawan, Punaichak,
    Patna, Bihar-800023
    Nominee of Govt. of India

  6. Sri Nageshwar Singh
    Biraj Nagar, Road No.1, Bardman Compound,
    Lalpur, Ranchi-834001
    Nominee of Govt. of India

  7. Sri Sharfuddin Khan,
    As member of the family of the
    the founder of the Library

  8. Additional Chief Secretary
    Education Department
    Government of Bihar

    Nominee of Govt. of Bihar

  9. Commissioner
    Patna Division, Patna
    Nominee of Govt. of Bihar

  10. Prof. Imtiyaz Ahmad
    Professor (Retd.)

    Patna University, Patna
    Nominee of Govt. of Bihar


  11. Sri Hasan Waris
    Former Director (Rtd.)

    S.C.E.R.T., Patna
    Nominee of Govt. of Bihar

  12. Dr. Shayesta Bedar
    Director, Khuda Bakhsh Library, Patna.
    Member & SECRETARY (Ex-officio)


Committees of the BOARD


The Board Unanimously approved the formation of the Following Committees:

1. Executive Committee

2. Academic Committee

3. Finance Committee

4. Purchase Committee

5. Screening Committee

6. Selection Committee

/ DPC for group B & C employees

7. Recruitment Rules Committee

8. Khuda Bakhsh Annual Award Committee