Library Infrastructure


Adding Strength ...

Khuda Bakhsh Library was housed initially in the two-storeyed building that was constructed by its founder in 1888. During the earthquake of 1934, the upper storey toppled down making things very difficult for both the Library and its visitors.


Then in 1938, the State Govt. of Bihar got erected a building on the library campus itself and subsequently, all the books were shifted over to this new building. To resolve the problem of space due to ever expanding collection of Library, another floor was added to the building by the Govt. of India in 1969. Hardly 13 years later, a 3-tier annexe was built-up at the rear of the Library. It was inaugurated on 12th February, 1983 by Shri Giani Zail Singh, the then President of India.

A building in Makhaniya Kuan outside the library campus was purchased to provide accommodation to scholars who come to the library for their research work.

Air-conditioning of manuscript area has been taken up on utmost priority. Envisaging water scarcity, tube-well has already been sunk to provide an alternate reliable source of water supply.

Microfilming Section is equipped with Hirakawa Camera, Automatic Processor and Microfilm Reader Printer. Photostat machine was replaced by Xerox machine in 1985 to improve the reprographic services.

Khuda Bakhsh aspired to have a printing press to make copies of the rare material available to the scholars at distant places. He himself could not do so due to lack of resources. To satisfy the Founder's desire, a M.O.I. mini-offset printer was acquired to print Library Journals and small books. To cope with the increasing amount of printing work and also for better quality of printed work, a bigger offset printing machine was bought last year. It is also used to reproduce out of print material for research purpose.

New EPABX system with more points was installed to increase the output. Another telephone connection was also provided to facilitate easy telephonic access to the Director of Khuda Bakhsh Library.

Expansion Plans

The library has again reached its saturation point and as a result further development and growth is being hampered.  Some personal collections have been offered but  could not be accepted due to paucity of space.


A plan of six-storeyed building plan costing Rs. 5.74 Crores has been submitted to the Dept. of Culture (Govt. of India) for  approval. The government is expected to take an urgent action to remove all hindrances coming in the way of its development.