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Khuda Bakhsh Library Journal, quarterly, has been in active publication from 1977 and around 162 issues have come out so far. These journals contain articles in Urdu, English, Hindi, Persian and even in Arabic.


There are journal details in Language wise:


Wide range of articles covered by this journal includes -

 Islamic Studies
 Comparative Religion
 Texts of Rare Manuscripts and old prints
 Facsimile edition of Rare Materials
 Selections from Urdu Periodicals
 Documents on Contemporary Islam
 Autobiographies of Eminent Contemporaries   
 Proceedings and Papers of Khuda Bakhsh Seminars  
 Thought-provoking writings on contemporary Indian Islam 
 Articles on various dimensions of Indo-Islamic Culture


The Annual Subscription charges for the quarterly Journal are as follows:

  • Individuals : Rs. 400/-
  • Institutions : Rs. 500/-
  • Foreign Individuals : 30$
  • Foreign Institutions : 60$


Back issues may also be supplied if available. Please write to the Director, Khuda Bakhsh Library for such a request.


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Reaching Out ...


These journals have been serving the need of its readers for the last 35 years and they are perhaps the only source of articles which are so difficult to get by through any other publication in India.

There is no need for you to make a personal visit to the Library for placing purchase orders or for filling in the subscription of Library Journal. All the books and journals published by the Library can be obtained at your shop, institution, office, home or another library by placing an order in requisite format. Look into the FAQ Section of this web-site for more information and different discounts available.