Library Staff


Adding Expert Manpower ...

Back in 1965, the Library had a team of just 42 members which included skilled as well as unskilled staff. During a period of next 34 years, 17 new posts were added taking the total strength to 59.


However, the increase in staff does not commensurate with the phenomenal increase in collection and services.

From 1970 to 1999, 13 library personnel's of different categories have undergone training in areas like -

  • Reprography

  • Binding

  • Preservation 

  • Library Science 

The training was conducted at various sites such as -

  • National Archives of India, New Delhi.

  • National Library, Calcutta.

  • National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property, Lucknow. 

  • Sanskrit Universities at Mithila, Patna and Calcutta.

Building expert manpower is a priority area for the Library and is an ongoing exercise.

Upgradation of Skill-Set

Ever expanding benefit of Information Technology has had its impact on day to day functioning of the Library as well. Not only powerful computer systems have been acquired by the Library over the years but a complete Library Management System has also been deployed.

Different Library personnel have also been trained in usage of computers and related accessories and peripherals.