Computerisation Programme


Better Services through IT ...

Modernization was introduced in the Library as early as 1950s with the provision of Reprographic Services. Other equipments for further modernisation & improvement of Library services were added gradually.

A small Conservation Lab is attached to the rare collection for fumigation, deacidification, lamination and binding. This is to be modernized with latest equipments. Fumigation chamber with latest techniques and impregnator (Lamination machines are on the purchasing list). Latest & sophisticated machines are also to be acquired for quality binding.

In late 1980s four computers and a Laser Printer were purchased with Urdu, Hindi and English software to help carry out the entire Desk Top Publishing (DTP) work in-house to speed up printing and also to create a database of accessioning record of printed material in order to check the duplication of books.

To computerize the entire library stock and provide online service, a major project was prepared in consultation with National Informatics Centre (NIC), Delhi and Patna and submitted to the Department of Culture for approval. With the generous grant from DOC, a computer centre was set up in 1999.


This was one of the major events coming on heels of the dawn of the new century. This computer centre is equipped with the following items -

  • XEON Server

  • Modern Pentium based systems (22 Nos.)

  • Colour LaserJet Printer

  • LaserJet Printers

  • Photo Printer

  • OfficeJet All-in-One

  • Scanner

  • Digital Camera

All the computer systems and peripherals have been interconnected through LAN for better sharing of resources. The Library has also taken a Broadband connection through which Internet & E-mail facilities are available. This facility will soon be extended to Research Scholars. Digitisation of Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts has already been completed and it has been published over the Internet for global dissemination.


The pilot Project of Digitisation of 10,00,000 pages of manuscripts has been entrusted to NICSI and the work has started in October, 2005.


Moving Ahead ...

National Informatics Centre is a leading Govt. of India setup in the field of Information Technology. For the last several years, it has played a crucial role in changing the work culture within the govt. organisation by the induction of IT-Tools at almost each level of govt. administration.


Publication of catalogues of manuscripts with the Library onto CDs has largely been possible through expert help provided free of cost by NIC Bihar State Unit and they have promised to make available any kind of technical assistance as and when required by the Library in its computerisation programme.