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A very special feature of Khuda Bakhsh Library is its Publications which have created history in the academic world.


Since 1977 it has been issuing regularly a multi-lingual research quarterly Khuda Bakhsh Library Journal. The main aim of bringing out this Journal is to advance research in Oriental and Islamic studies and also to promote research in Literature. Hence it includes scholarly articles, reprints of articles from old research periodicals and prints original articles on the subjects in which the library specializes.

Simultaneously, the Library also undertook a project of publishing research treatises, its manuscripts after getting them edited by scholars, facsimile edition of manuscripts, indices of Urdu periodicals, catalogue of the manuscripts, books bridging the communal gap and also books on Indian culture, history, literature and Islam.

It has brought out so far about 500 titles in the following languages and to see that list all you need to do is to click on these links -

Catalogue of Publications

About thirty collections of manuscripts and books have so far been acquired as donation from the owners in addition to those purchased by the Library. The Printed collection has, on the other hand, its own value covering a wide spectrum of subjects such as memoirs, biographies, Tibb, Hinduism, Islamic Studies and other Oriental topics in English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hindi, etc. One significant part of this collection is the Periodical Section which contains around 35,000 bound volumes of old and new periodicals. It is very much used by the scholars and even you can go through it by paying a visit to the Library !


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The National Mission for Manuscripts was launched in February, 2003 with the objective of: i) surveying and locating manuscripts, ii) preparing their comprehensive catalogue, and iii) initiating measures for their conservation and preservation. The ultimate idea is to facilitate access to this rich and glorious written heritage so as to promote scholarship of a specialized nature.

The Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library was chosen as a nodal agency of the Mission for Bihar. At present, it is working as a Centre for Cataloguing (M.R.C) and Conservation (M.C.C) of Manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, Pushto and Urdu. So far, curative conservation of about 60 manuscripts has been completed; preventive conservation has been taken up at 6 centres; cataloguing has been completed at 4 centres and is underway at 6 other centres, while about 50 collections of manuscripts have been taken up for a survey. Awareness campaigns have been organized at several places in Patna and neighbouring districts.